The Glorious Job of a Teacher

classroomAre you considering a career in education? Possibly you’re entertaining the thought of becoming a teacher! Many people are under the impression that a teacher has the ideal job; after all it’s really only a part-time job with full-time pay, right? This is just one of the many beliefs or reasons I often hear people state why teaching is a fabulous job, here are a few more:

  • In many school systems teacher only have to work nine months per year yet get paid for twelve.
  • Teachers only work an 8:00 am to 3:00 pm schedule with breaks and lunch.
  • Teachers never have to work weekends or overtime.
  • Teachers receive many paid days off throughout the year (holidays plus winter and spring breaks).
  • In some states teachers don’t have to report for work if it’s snowing or too cold but still get paid.


Yes, the job as a teacher does sound like a glamorous career so why doesn’t everyone choose this career path? Now, don’t misunderstand what I am saying, teaching is a wonderful job and most teachers I know wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. However, even though teaching does have some perks that you won’t find with any other job it’s not quite the bed of roses that most people make it out to be. Just like everything else in life, there are Pros and Cons to becoming a teacher and a teaching career isn’t the ideal job for everyone and anyone.

Unfortunately, the benefits I mentioned above are all that many people consider when they think about teachers. Although these benefits are great, and there are even more benefits that teachers experience, that’s all many people see. Just to help anyone contemplating a job as a teacher, I feel I need to mention some of the less glorious tasks a teacher must face.

It’s true that most teachers only have to be in the classroom from 8 to 3 but, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the workday! Here are a few examples of what takes place outside of the classroom:

  • Quite often teachers will volunteer their time to tutor or help students after class.
  • Many teachers work for several hours after the day ends either at school or at home grading papers or preparing lesson plans for the following day.
  • Teachers are required to attend routine meetings with their peers and school administrators, faculty meeting and departmental meetings to review the curriculum and student needs.
  • Teachers have to create reports that document the student’s progress and performance.
  • Teachers must also periodically communicate with parents when a student is having difficulties or performing below average.
  • A certain amount of continuing education is required and often this is accomplished during the summer or other days off.

And all this takes place outside of the 8 to 3 classroom environment.

As I mentioned earlier, most teachers wouldn’t give up teaching for anything else. After all it’s a very rewarding experience to mold and enlighten the minds of the future generation and to know that you have a signification impact on the development of your students. Teaching is a wonderful profession and I encourage anyone interested in becoming a teacher to pursue their dream. However, anyone looking to become a teacher simply because they feel that it’s a job that will provide them with a lot of free time will be sadly disappointed; it’s not quite as glamorous as many believe it to be.


9 Reasons To Choose Online Degree Programs

2014-01-10 10:24:23 james

Online EducationAn online education isn’t the best option for everybody. But, many college students flourish in the online education atmosphere. Listed below are nine of the very best reasons individuals decide on an online education program. Whether you need to take only a few classes online or complete your education 100% online, there’s no scarcity of reasons to select an online degree.





Balance and Scheduling
Online degrees enable you to fit courses into your hectic, jam-packed scheduled, which makes it less difficult to keep up with your job, family, social activities and school on your own terms.


Study Anytime and Anywhere
One of many advantages of an online education is that you don’t need to get dressed, jump in the car, battle traffic, travel to campus and show up at class. With online education you can study and learn from the comfort of your living room.


Accelerated Programs
Learn at a quick and comfortable speed with accelerated classes online, some universities offer six, twelve and fifteen week courses.


Cost Savings
Online degree programs typically charge considerably less than conventional brick and mortar colleges. Online programs take full advantage of the internets inherent capability for self paced education, versatile adjunct teachers and student assistants which can help adult students save on educational costs, instruction and various other costs.


Faster Degree Completion
In addition to accelerated classes, some degree programs are accelerated, as well, helping propel you to graduation.


 A Growing Number of Choices
Yesterday’s online degree program offered fewer desirable programs. Today’s choices are numerous and continue to grow each year. From finance and business administration to human resource management and marketing, there’s practically no limitation on type of degree you can earn through online studies.


Availibilty of Desired Credentials
The intense growth of online degree services shows that it’s much easier than ever before to acquire an online degree via an accredited institution (one considered by a third-party organization to have achieved established educational requirements). Just what exactly does that mean for you? In the eyes of potential employers, an online degree from an accredited school or university is equally as valuable as a conventional degree while providing a more flexible option for it’ students.


Learning and Testing Options
The array of online education courses accessible means students can select a learning and evaluation structure that is effective for them.


Self-paced Education
Learning at your individual speed has demonstrated to be a more productive learning approach for independent students. With online courses, you’re responsible for when and just how much you study throughout the program framework.

How to Successfully Obtain an Online Degree

2014-01-06 12:59:45 james

YStudyingou will find an increasing pattern among people from all financial and academic backgrounds towards obtaining on-line degrees. The reasons that individuals elect to study in this manner are plentiful and diverse. They consist of students not willing to take time away from their present job to accomplish additional education, having family obligations and fiscal constraints which means they can not afford to take a break. Shift workers or individuals working extended hours generally find that they can’t fit into the time restrictions of a brick and mortar college or university, and several individuals may merely have unpleasant memories of what it was like to be in school.

Regardless of what their reasons, many individuals now move to the alternative of pursuing on-line degrees. The versatility of studying for an on-line degree indicates that students are not limited as to the time that they can study, or the location. They are able to study in the convenience of their home. Students can also study at a time that fits their individual situations rather than needing to attend classes at specific times. The expense of studying for on-line degrees is usually a fraction of the expenses involved in studying at a brick and mortar university. This is also true if you add in the cost of quitting a job to study. Studying for an on-line degree allows students to study either before or after work.

Many on-line universities offer a broad range of degrees for potential students to select from. Once the student has chosen a course, a few basic steps is all that is required to guarantee successful study.

Initially a student must be aware of the time required in studying for on-line degrees. They need to consider their work, family and social responsibilities carefully, and then decide when is a good time to allot to studies, which may require curbing some social activities. Even so, when a student can find a daily study slot and stay with it as much as possible, they are likely finish their on-line degree.

Next, the student should attempt to reserve a study space for themselves. It might not be possible to find a dedicated area, but even if you have to use the dining room table, it should be possible to locate a drawer or box where you could store your materials. Additional study spots may include a part of your bedroom or even a space beneath the stairs. Having a specific study area ensures that you don’t start each study session searching for your materials.

Finally, all potential students need to have the support of their friends and family. It’s easier to attain your on-line degree if you have the help and support of those who matter most. You will encounter periods when you need to give up a social or family responsibility, and at these times, your family or friends have to realize why. Studying with support is much easier than going it on your own.

Applying these three easy steps can help guarantee that studying for an on-line degree will be both pleasurable and productive.